Sunday, August 9, 2015

Top Content Marketers Know their Target Audience

“Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have.”
– Jonah Sachs

To do content marketing and writing well, it is essential to know who your target market is. The best content writers develop persona(s) of who they are which may include their interests, occupation, and more. For instance, if a doctor specializes in pediatrics, it would be to his benefit to have a target market consisting of mothers with young children. He may know from experience that mothers are most likely making the decision of where to take their children for medical evaluations. He may also notice that most of his clients are of a particular age range. To advantage marketing efforts, he may have  the content on his website custom made to be attractive to this group.

It takes dedication and time to research and define your target market well. However, the payoff in writing high quality content is tremendous. It comes down to providing information that actually interests your best customers, makes new ones, and keeps them loyal. Quality content writing keeps people coming back for more.

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