Monday, November 16, 2015

Overcoming Writer's Block

Overcoming writer's block becomes easier the more you write. That has been my experience. I think the more you write, the more confident you feel about expressing yourself and your thoughts. However, you don't have to be a guru writer, anyone can overcome writer's block at any moment by pushing yourself to type or write with a pen, (if that's your fancy). I have used this technique hundreds of times and it works. I literally type whatever comes to my head.

I give myself the freedom to make mistakes and expel all thoughts. Of course, this technique works better when you know the subject matter fully. Many times, there are lots of re-writes and editing, especially if the issue being written about is complex.

That being said, if you want to write quality content and do it well, it's important to read reputable literature on the matter. I prefer  reading books written by expert authors or papers published by educational institutions, such as in journals, as opposed to reading random websites. In this way, I know I am reading authentic literature. This is very important for some industries.

For instance, writing for a legal service can be time consuming in prior reading. I have had to read very dry and boring government laws or codes in order to write well and actually offer valuable content. I've even read court documents in preparation of writing a press release where the details and implications are critical and required. It's not fun reading dull information but it must be done in order to keep my promise of providing a quality content writing service.

When in doubt, do what guru writers do: drink lots of coffee! On the upside, writer's block is advantageous if you're writing a suicide note. (Ha, ha! Sorry, I couldn't hold back that one).

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Content Writing for Service Businesses

Content writing for a service business can be a lot harder when it's a startup and there is no business plan or there are no clear objectives in a marketing plan.  That is, if the copy writing is intended to sell and be marketed toward a particular audience. As a writer, sometimes I am not merely writing about a topic, but rather I'm making and implementing a marketing strategy. Perhaps, I'm just a perfectionist and extend myself above and beyond because I really want to see my clients succeed. I take their success as a reflection of me and take it personally. I suppose that can't be bad thing.

In the past, many times, I have written content with underlying marketing strategies. I'm happy to say that companies are quite receptive and they relish the extra work you put in. Sometimes, though if there is too little documentation or available information about a business it can be a problem for a writer because then you're playing a guessing game. You're not sure where to draw the line and what the business is capable of. Are you saying too much in your writing? Are you over extending a service that the business is not capable of producing? Is the content understating or overstating a service and putting a strain on resources?

As a professional writer, these are some of the aspects one must consider carefully, especially when content writing for a service that is heavily regulated.

The takeaway from this blog is, if you are a writer, be careful what you write. If you overextend a service even as simple as a delivery time, that can either put a real strain on the resources of the business or result in a bad review, refund, or complaint when the customer does not get the service completed in time. It's very important to do your research and be certain that the content you are writing about is factual. Always be sure to have the CEO, or an executive of the company review your writing, especially when writing a web page about a service provided.

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