Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Persuasive Writing for Business

Persuasive writing for business is an extremely valuable skill and can be used with customers, business partners and employees. Persuasive writing can be used to answer common questions and deflate reluctance in getting action or agreement. The number one reason why writing persuasively is beneficial to business is because it can increase sales.

The best writers go beyond just persuading readers to believe in your service or product; they also persuade readers to believe in your brand. Gurus know how to get people to believe a business and/or brand is at the pinnacle, which doesn't have to equate to success in dollars. Rather, great writers know how to position an organization to create a loyal following and lifetime value that, overtime, increases in monetary value or goal accomplishment. If it's a non-profit organization, the goal may be to gain more members or advocates.

Being persuasive in writing is useful in creating ad copy, content for your website, and many marketing and communication materials. Persuasive writing establishes rapport; every experienced salesperson knows how important that is. While writing quality content or copy, it is important to build and maintain reader interest. Having a positive attitude and making the reader feel good will also provide greater incentive for the person to do what you ask.

Expressing creativity in writing can help in keeping the reader interested. Don't make the mistake of trying to persuade with an aggressive stance; writing with good manners will get you a lot further in persuading most people while writing service benefits.

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